How Auto Fire Guard™ Works

AutoFireGuardTM is the fire mitigation solution you “throw” at the fire.

AutoFireGuardTM is a superior alternative to cumbersome and difficult-to-use fire extinguishers, which require more effort than most people are able to muster in emergency situations.

AutoFireGuardTM consists of several existing technologies that have been combined in a unique way to, provide easy, affordable and non-toxic combustion mitigation for small or incipient fire.

Simply throw AutoFireGuardTM at the fire and let it do its job.

AutoFireGuardTM's rapid disbursement technology is engaged when it hits a hard surface.

The technology, similar to auto airbag technology, discharges the non-toxic but highly effective compounds over an area of about 200 square feet.

The heat and flame from the fire convert the compounds into a flame retardant aerosol, which acts to almost literally turn the fire off like a switch.

The compounds are even drawn to where the fire is, including inside walls.

With fire extinguishers, you need to be near the fire. With AutoFireGuardTM you just throw it and run.

Additionally, AutoFireGuardTM's percussive discharge sound alerts others nearby with a loud firecracker noise, not unlike that of a “cherry bomb” firecracker.

Think of it as a dry sprinkler system you can hold and throw.

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