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If you sell commercial fire protection equipment, AutoFireGuardTM is the next phase in small fire management.

AutoFireGuardTM is the grenade-style fire abatement device with wide applications that users just throw at the fire and allows them to flee the scene quickly and safely.

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    On impact, AutoFireGuardTM discharges and disburses its flame retardants in an area up to 200 square feet.

    AutoFireGuardTM addresses the needs that fire extinguishers provide, without the hassle of using a fire extinguisher.

    Your customers have probably already taken precautionary steps to prevent fires, and they have probably already invested in carbon monoxide detectors and fire detectors as early warning systems.

    But extinguishing small fires before they get out of control is the “bottleneck” of incipient fire control.

    Fire extinguishers are difficult to use in an emergency because most people are not cool-headed or skilled enough to walk through the steps to use one effectively.

    The applications for AutoFireGuardTM are almost limitless.

    AutoFireGuardTM has a 5-year warranty.