About AFG and the CEO

AutoFireGuardTM is a fire-spread prevention device designed by, Grant V., a certified fireman who was tired of putting out fires he knew did not have to spread.

Day in, day out, he saw the utter ruination that fires brought to families and livelihoods.  He also realized that most of these fires could have been reduced significantly or eliminated in the early combustion phase, if only there had been a way.

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In 1980, a house took an average 36 minutes to burn to the ground; today it takes only 16 minutes.

The inventor realized that the public is unaware that buildings today have a significantly larger proportion of synthetic building materials than they did 30 or 40 years ago, almost all of which hold petroleum products. These fires burn hotter and more persistently, and by the time the firefighters arrive on the scene, the heat has become uncontrollable and putting the fire out a lost cause.

Firemen know something most don\'t, and that is that fire extinguishers do not work well because people often do not use them, or do not know how to use them. Why? Because in an emergency users are not mentally prepared to go through the four or five steps they must know to use one, no matter how simple.

AutoFireGuardTM is the fire extinguisher you throw at the fire! Anyone can use it, including children.